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MNT’s Rainwater Collection System with Manifold

As explained in the video there are 4 55-gallon barrels connected to a manifold. The piping is 3/4″ Schedule 40 PVC.

7 Survival Life Hacks That Could Save Your Life

Here are some AMAZING quick and simple life hacks in this survival edition. Enjoy!

How To Grow Avocado Trees From Seed !

start to finish growing avocado trees from seeds

How To Build Your Own Garden Shed

Rob will show you how to build your own custom shed to suit your needs, be it for sporting equipment, gardening gear or just to hang out.

Deck Refinishing – A Detailed Tutorial Video

How to Grow Potatoes Anywhere

  Allen shows you how you can grow your own potatoes even if you don’t have the space for a garden. Have any questions for P. Allen Smith? Leave your comments and questions below! Practical tips for style, comfort and sustainable living from ...

You Can Grow Food in the Snow

Long Term Food Storage Secret

Here is a secret for people interested in budget long term food storage. Your average soda bottle is food grade plastic and can be used in conjunction with oxygen absorbers to store food long term. No need for Mylar bags and food grade buckets. You can ...