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Drawer Slide Installation

How to install drawer slides without using a pencil or tape measure.

Cutting Crown Molding: A simple homemade setup

A simple setup for cutting crown molding that doesn’t require any special jigs or fixtures–just a 1×6 sacrificial crown stop! A wonderful video by Gary Katz – reach him over at thisiscarpentry.com

Making a Hand Cut Dovetail Box

From The Author: I missed my Wednesday deadline by just a smidge..ha! In this video I show you a way to make a decorative box which features hand cut dovetail joints. This box is made of Mahogany and Pecan and its center piece being a Spalted Pecan Panel ...

Woodworking – Make an End Center Marking Jig

From The Author: An end center marking jig is a simple and very useful jig to have in the shop. It is used to locate and mark the center at one or both ends of your square or round stock. great for locating and marking the center of dowels, etc. This ...

Building a simple Router Lift (for european plunge router)

FOR MORE INFORMATION: http://woodgears.ca/router_lift/version1.html This router lift was NOT built using Mr Wandel’s plans! But as you can probably tell, it is mainly based on the design he published on his website! It is bigger than Mr Wandel’s ...

Building Plumbing C-Clamps

I recently got some nice pieces of plumbing for free and I didn’t know what to do with them. Until I found that they may be good clamps, and because I’m in a lack of clamps anyway, it was worth a try. they are no particularly strong plamps ...

Swedish Fire Torch

Blair Davis–Turning trees inside out

Blair Davis–Turning trees inside out